Hey! Look! A flying Chelbie!!

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every blogger from florida is an alligator w/ a computer. do not trust them.

um no they’re oranges, you must be new here

Yea seriously I smell like citrus not swamp

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*grabs my own ass* nice

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J Law, you are perfect. 

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In all seriousness I made this because it’s one of my pet peeves for guys to assume I’m dressing up/wearing makeup for THEM, but then after I made this, I’m like holy shit I made that hair dryer fuck that shoe. So then I had two reasons to put it on tumblr. 

Saying,. “I prefer my girls natural”. Good thing I’m a grown woman and not your possession. fucktard.

Hair Dryer/High Heel.

I ship it.

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It’s remarkable how a person that you think is truly wonderful turns out to be the biggest using, manipulative, time wasting piece of shit that you have ever met in your life. 

That is probably the most polite way I can put it.  

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